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Everyone has their own interpretation of the term, freedom.  But at its core, freedom is the ability to act, speak, live and think without external barriers or restraint.  In one way or another, we all strive for some level of freedom.  One Million Keys to Freedom creates a means for you to unlock the door to Education, Health & Wellness, and Opportunity for generations of people who deserve the chance to succeed.  You can release the chains that confine their freedom.  You can provide a key to unlock the door to a better way of life.  Everything they need is in your heart, head, and hand.  Will You Provide A Key?

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Unlocking Education

CDF Freedom Schools is a summer reading enrichment program for students who may not have the skills to prevent summer learning loss and close achievement gaps.
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Unlocking Health & Wellness

Keys to providing equitable access to healthcare services. Help us unlock this door in the Fall 2023.
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Unlocking Opportunity

Keys to programs that provide opportunities for advancement, achievement, and success. Help us unlock this door in the Fall 2023.

Adopt A

Adopt a CDF Freedom School to help impact more students across Alabama. Contact us now to learn more.


Become A Program Partner

By becoming a program partner, you will serve our kids by facilitating their educational growth. Contact us now to learn more.

Dog attacking man
A 17-year-old Civil Rights demonstrator is attacked by a police dog in Birmingham, AL, on May 3, 1963.
Fire dept spraying people with hose
The youth of Birmingham being sprayed down by fire hoses during the Children’s Crusade in April of 1963.
MLK marching with men
Fred Shuttlesworth, Ralph David Abernathy, and Martin Luther King, Jr. march on Good Friday on April 12, 1963, in Birmingham. The men were later arrested, prompting King to write his famous “Letter from Birmingham Jail.”
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